Such a perfect weather to cuddle with someone in the morning, simply can’t help to wriggle as I stared at nobody beside me.

It was a Tuesday morning, I would have been soundly asleep but I was long awaken by the loud noises my dogs made. I’m supposed to get ready for work and get in the hotel room by 12pm but my body just wouldn’t budge. Usually, Tuesday are very quiet so i’m pretty much taken aback by a last minute appointment.

Allow me to introduce myself –

I’m Charlene De’Joir, a student in the day and a professional sweetheart by the night. Like most student, I’m currently studying in an oversea university and working slowly towards my dream. Most people probably wouldn’t know about my double life.

By day, I’m the nerdy girl in her pony tail, paired along with her geek specs, studying away in my lecture theatre; the girl who knows her academics well.

By night, I’m sultry & seductive Charlene. Probably spending my time dinning/drinking/exploring fantasies/making love with my clients – Well, I’ve been a social escort for almost three months now. The journey have been quite a bumpy ride, constantly filled with ups and downs.

My clients often questioned why I choose to become an escort; Well, this is exactly why i set up this website of my own. To pen down my entire journey being an escort, my thoughts, my feelings, the process, the magic, the experience…

Will update this page soon, xx

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